Custom Shutters

Installing custom shutters throughout your house, especially in Northern Colorado, can add beauty and function to your decor, and value to your home.
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Custom Shutters for Any Window Covering Situation

Plantation shutters are interior installed, custom shutters that got their name from their popular installation on large estates and southern plantations. They are made of wood or other durable plastic materials. Not only do they add an extra touch of style to a home, they also effectively protect a home from heat in the summertime.

Add Appeal To Your Home's Interior

Custom window shutters, or plantation shutters can be both practical in shading your home from the sun during the summer, as well as adding appeal to the interior of your home, that will make your neighbors, friends and family, jealous. They come in a wide range of costs, colors and styles, some including decorative hardware, and Galaxy Window Coverings are the experts in helping you choose, install and service your home's window shutters.




Can plantation shutters be installed on any window in my home?

Galaxy Window Coverings specializes in installing custom shutters within any room of your home, and yes, that means any and every window.

What is the benefit of plantation shutters?

Interior window shutters are made from wood or other strong materials, and are expertly crafted to give your home a clean and modern style. They also keep out the summer heat and are known for being durable and long-lasting.

What are some plantation shutter options?

Plantation shutters can come in a variety of colors and frame styles. Galaxy Window Coverings has the experience and expertise to customize and fit any window in your home with custom plantation shutters.



Custom window shutters can add a very distinctive and functional value to your home. Contact Galaxy Window Coverings today to have your custom shutters professionally installed and serviced.