Patio Shades

To be able to withstand the Colorado elements, exterior porch and patio shades are specifically manufactured for outdoor use.
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Why Outdoor Patio Shades?

Outdoor shades for your patio, pergola or any exterior room are great for many reasons, especially blocking from Northern Colorado’s summer heat.

  • A patio shade can be a great extra measure to reduce the amount of heat that enters a space, whether that be an attached home patio, backyard deck or any outdoor living space.

  • Apart from the heat, outdoor shades can significantly reduce the amount of UV rays that emanate from our hot Colorado sun. This not only protects your skin, but also protects your outdoor furniture from the heat’s damaging effects

  • Although exterior patio shades block heat and sun, they do not obstruct the wonderful Colorado mountainous views.



Bug Screens

On top of the already added benefit of transforming your outdoor living space into a comfortable getaway, many exterior patio shades can be installed as an added barrier for bugs and insects. Bug screens both block the heat and UV rays as well as seals out any annoying insects wanting to make their way inside your space. With an exclusive track system that zips up your patio shades, you can remain both safe and comfortable from dawn to dusk. Plus, bug screens come in just as many styles and colors of fabrics to match your decor.

Galaxy Window Coverings will customize exterior patio shades to fit any outdoor patio, porch or other outdoor living space. Contact us today and we will help you pick which solution will match your space, as well as install and service for years to come.