Roller Shades

Roller Shades are a Classic Window Covering Option

You may remember pulling down on a roller shade at your grandparents home or at your cabin in the woods. Well, roller shades continue to be a cost effective and functional approach for many homeowners and especially with new modern designs and fabrics, you can have the window coverings that you have always dreamed about.

A roller blind is a long, rectangular piece of material that is adhered to a wooden or metal tube and then mounted on wall brackets around your window. Roller blinds normally have a pulley or spring system that rolls the fabric up and down as you pull.
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  • Easy to clean Because of their ability to be extended and then to completely roll back up, along with usually being a flat material, roller shades are very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Easy to operate It’s as simple as giving the roller shade material, or attached draw string, a small tug down to extend the shade over your window and the same to roll them back up.

  • Easy install Installing roller shades is easy, and with help from Galaxy Window Coverings, you can have roller shades customized to fit any window in your house.

  • Endless customizations Like choosing a fabric at the hobby store, roller shades come in a lot of different varieties of colors, designs, styles and materials. Choose the perfect fabric to match your home.

  • Filter or block the sun As with any window covering, roller shades can reduce, or completely block out the sun’s light from your home’s interior.

If you are looking to install a classic window covering option with a contemporary twist, Galaxy Window Coverings suggests roller shades. We will help choose, custom fit, install and service your roller shades for years to come. Contact us today to get the ball… Rolling!