Roman Shades

Achieve Elegance with Roman Shades

Although once considered to be a bulky and out-dated type of window covering, roman shades recently have made a revival into contemporary home decor and window treatments.

Roman shades are simply a flat piece of material, very similar to what you would find with a roller shade, but the material evenly folds up like an accordion when pulled up by a cord or machine.
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They offer the same variety of design options and opacities to filter out the sun’s light from your home and can even be lined with insulating fabric for an added layer of temperature control and privacy.



Flat roman shades

For the homeowners who like bold patterns and need your window coverings to match, we suggest that you install flat roman shades in your home. These are constructed with on long piece of fabric that is folded flat in front of your window. These types of roman shades do not have any seams which helps to bring out the style and design of the chosen fabric and makes your window coverings seem casual, yet sophisticated.


Waterfall, hobbled, looped or teardrop roman shades

Unlike the flat roman shades, waterfall, or hobbled roman shades softly cascade back and forth, creating a ripple effect with the fabric. Drawing more attention than traditional shades or blinds, waterfall roman shades make for a delicate, soft and chic design element to your home’s decor, perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or other relaxing parts of your house.


Like roller shades, roman shades can be made up of any type, style or design of fabric so matching your shades to your decor is a breeze! Contact Galaxy Window Coverings today to have us help pick out your style, fit and install and service your roman shades for years to come.