Vertical Blinds

Window coverings are important to a home in many different ways and vertical blinds serve to fit a lot of those important details needed with blinds or shades.
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Why Install Vertical Blinds?

Not only do vertical blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light that gets let through into your home, but they can also help to block heat from the hot Colorado summer’s and serve as a privacy shield at all hours of the day.



The customization of vertical blinds are almost endless and, with the help of Galaxy Window Coverings, offer the perfect solution to fit your home’s needs and decor.

  • Color:  Vertical blinds come in different colors and contemporary patterns to fit your room’s theme.

  • Material:  The blinds, themselves, can be made of a vinyl material, wood, aluminum or fabric, for a more sophisticated appearance. Vinyl blinds are better at blocking the sun’s light, as well as ensure privacy, while fabric blinds are durable, easy to use and make a great addition to any home.

  • Style:  There are several different styles of vertical blinds as well, from curved blinds and s-shaped blinds, to different styles of fabric for increased light reduction.

  • Control:  To adjust your vertical blinds, you can choose from an array of cords, chains or wands.

  • Headrail:  Covering up the track system, the headrail can be matched to the same design and essence of the blinds themselves.

  • Size:  Galaxy Window Coverings measures and fits your vertical blinds to exactly match your windows.

As well as helping you decide on your perfect vertical blinds solution, Galaxy Window Coverings provides professional fitting and installation services. We also provide a vertical blinds repair service for those of you who already have vertical blinds installed in your household. Contact us today for all of your vertical blinds needs.